Monday, March 1, 2010

Burlesque Shoes : Satin, Rhinestore, & Marabou Heels from Bordello Shoes

Another gorgeous pair of burlesque heels from Bordello Shoes! Black satin slingback heels feature marabou trim and gorgeous iridescent rhinestones all up and down the 4" heel.

These burlesque heels are simply divine, with lots of blingy rhinestones and fluffy marabou feathers.

Fashions from the classic era of burlesque have really made a resurgence with modern day models and dancers. Girls today are loving the performance aspect of burlesque, which does not involve taking all the clothes off like a stripper, but focuses on the art of the tease, removing maybe even just a few articles of clothing. Burlesque is about being demure, pretty, mysterious, and a little bit girl next door. And no burlesque wardrobe is complete without darling boudoir slippers such as these!