Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot Pink Glitter Platform Pumps from Bordello Shoes

Another goooorgeous selection from Bordello Shoes' "Teeze-16" selection!

These Hot Pink Glitter Concealed Platform Pumps are tres sexy!

For the burlesque performer, pinup model, or exotic dancer, these shoes will take it to the next level with their a nearly 6" stiletto heel.

A profile of Bordello Shoes: "Created for burlesque performers who have shimmied the art of tease back into the spotlight, Bordello also satisfies those who are simply nostalgic for the lavish glamour of the old times. Featuring ornate detailing and dazzling accoutrements including an array of sparkly glitters, glistening rhinestones and luscious laces, Bordello shoes and boots complement the obnoxiously colorful costumes, theatrical themes and dramatic lighting found at burlesque performances around the globe."

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Bordello Shoes "Spat" Platform Pumps

Drop dead sexy! These "Spat" pumps from Bordello Shoes have so much goodness going on, it's hard to list it all!

Soft sexy velvet, matte-finish durable Polyurethane, nearly 6" spike heel, ribbon tie, concealed platform, peep toe.

Available in Burgundy and Black. Style is "teeze-16"

Think you got what it takes to strut your stuff in these super-high heels? We think you do!

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